Castagnole recipe is easy and fast to make at home. Castagnole are a traditional carnival treat along with chiacchiere, zeppole and fritters. You need just a few simple ingredients and in a few minutes they are ready to taste. Have fun and have a good Carnival time!

350g Flour 00
2 eggs
75g of sugar
75g of sunflower oil
8g baking powder
Rum or anise liqueur
Frying oil


In a bowl mix 2 eggs, 75g sugar, 75g sunflower oil, the baking powder, a little anise liqueur or rum. Then add the flour little by little mixing well.

When the dough is solid, continue to knead it with your hands on the floured table until it is elastic and homogeneous.

Heat the frying oil in a large pan. Meanwhile form some strips with the dough and cut it into small pieces with the knife. Now make the balls with your hands. To get a perfect cooking, you need to make them all of the same size.

Try the oil with a ball, and when it is ready fry all the others. Stirring gently to cook them completely. When the castagnole are brown, remove them from the oil and place them on absorbent paper. Proceed to cook them all in this way.

As you can see this is a quick and easy recipe, and fried sweet balls are ready in no time. Place them in a nice tray and sprinkle with sugar. Castagnole are crispy and delicious, you can enjoy them hot, but also cold are always good. Like all the fried treats, they are really irresistible and go away in a moment!

Try castagnole recipe and let me know what you think about it…




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