The almond brittle is a crunchy and delicious dessert, easy and quick recipe to make at home. It’s a traditional dessert that is still found in many festivals, and makes us all feel as little kids! The recipe  requires only two ingredients: sugar and almonds. Just a few minutes and we’ll be ready to enjoy it!

200g almonds
100g sugar

How to make almond brittle

First toast the almonds: put them in the oven for 5 minutes at 150°C / 300°F.

Put a double bottom saucepan on a low heat, pour the sugar on it and mix. The sugar begins to melt and caramelize completely. Then turn off the heat and pour the toasted almonds inside the saucepan. Stir well until sugar and almonds are completely mixed.

Then shape the almond brittle. Take two baking paper sheets and brush them with a little vegetable oil. On one of them pour over the caramelized almonds and with a spatula try to level the surface. You should try to flatten them in a single layer but also to keep them compact. Then cover with the other sheet of baking paper  and pass over it with a rolling pin.

Gently remove the sheet of baking paper and slice the almond brittle with a knife to get some nice pieces. Almond brittle is ready, easy and fast! Let it cool completely and you can taste it!

As you can see the recipe is very easy and is also suitable for those who are not very good at cooking.

I think it is nice to make it at home for the holidays and use it as a gift, or even at other times of the year to make a pleasant surprise. I like to arrange some pieces on top of each other and bind them with a nice ribbon.  Otherwise I  use transparent food bags, personalize and offer them on many occasions. And of course I keep a good stock for myself too!

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